Domestic Hot Water

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on the Domestic Hot Water area of the Easy RSS Design Software.

Yes, the software allows for any auxiliary heat sources for both heating and hot water. 

This figure will be the size of the heat source (kW) required based on your design hot water flow temperature and any design conditions which may have an effect. 

It is an MCS requirement that there will be a prevention for bacterial growth such as legionella. This is due to the low temperatures associated with heat pumps and solar thermal and it is at these temperatures where bacteria can grow within the system. 

The SPF for Hot Water means the Seasonal Performance Factor of the Heat Pump in Hot Water mode. 

The reason for this is due to “tank in tank” cylinders are generally more insulated than normal cylinders and therefore would set these to 85%. 

The hot water storage cylinder must be large enough to provide for a household’s peak hot water demand, but more water will be heated than needed if the cylinder is too large. The appropriate size depends primarily on the number of people in the household.