General Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on the general functions of the Easy RSS Design Software.

The nominated technical person for each technology should be the person carrying out the calculations. If a non-technical person is using the software, then the technical representative should be available to ensure the correct data is being entered.

You will need to enter the postcode on the project information section, this will pre-populate the design conditions on the right hand side of the project information page. This will pin point your exact location including the altitude and average ground & outside design temperature for heat pumps and biomass installations. 

It is important that any RHI payback given to the customer is based only on a valid EPC. The software will provide you with an RHI payment based on calculations, however, this is only to be used as a very rough guide. 

The software is mobile and Ipad friendly, however there would need to be an internet connection to be able to access the software.